2016/03 Vilnius

March 21-33

Monday, March 21, 20:00 – Come together evening
in restaurant: “The Old Green House” (address L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus g. 5), near the cathedral square.


Tuesday/Wednesday, March 22/23 BUX event:

  • location: VU Library Scholarly Communication and Information centre (SCIC), Saulėtekio av. 5 (http://www.mkic.mb.vu.lt/en)
  • Coffee in the morning from 8:00
    Coffee brakes and lunches will be in the same building.
  • Get there by public transport:
    • get out at the stops: “Saulėtekis: or “Vilniaus Universitets”.
    • Here is a map of the bus stops, eg. with trolleybus No. 2 from the stop: “Karaliaus Mindaugo tiltas”, or trolleybus No 19 or fast bus No.4G from the stops “Europos aikštė” or Lvovo st.”
    • The time of travel should be less than 20 min. But because of possible traffic jams it may last longer – about 30-40 min.
    • How to get a ticket: http://www.vilniustransport.lt/en/pages/rules
      You can buy the transport single ticket from the driver (1 Eur).
      A single paper ticket shall be marked using electromechanical or mechanical ticket machine (in the bus-trolleybus).
      A marked single ticket that was purchased from a driver entitles to ride by one bus/trolleybus in the direction of the route until final stop of that route.
  • Of course you can always use taxi. From the centre of Vilnius to the meeting place (Saulėtekio av. 9) it should cost about 6-8 Eur.

THE WEATHER: We have not spring in Vilnius yet. At nights and mornings it will be about from -1 to -4 degree of Celsius. Sometimes rain and snow is possible. Please, take that into account.

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